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of the u.s. economy. different parts of the country, different industries, places where we are really strong, places where we need to be stronger. it really is trying to find that bridge between basic research and development and the financing to get things commercialize. it is experimenting, trying to find those ways. is really different from what the romney campaign -- the romney campaign has not really talked about this at all. is really private sector- private-sector. >> when you hear public-private partnership, what is your first thought? >> again, i think it goes into defining the role of government. their government -- the government has had a long and successful history with research and development funding. particularly basic research were there is not an economic or business incentive engaged in research. the government can go a long way through collaboration with universities. i think the trouble is where you define that and what is the government's's role in the partnership? -- what is the government's role in the partnership? very often companies come in and look at money
and economic growth. it historically has been one of the most dynamic parts of the economy, but in recent years if you look at statistics from the labor department, job growth and economic growth has slowed. i identified three basic areas where i thought the fcc could do more with respect to the ict sector. number one, it was more internal. the fcc should act at the same pace as the industry that it regulates. one of the things i've heard from a number of companies is that the fcc has sometimes not acted with much alacrity with respect to issues that are pending before the commission or in delaying action on other issues. and so i wanted to think about different ways that the commission could speed up its processes. second, i think that one of the key things the commission can do and should do to enable more dynamic industry is to get more spectrum into the commercial marketplace. there have been a number of different proposals on the table, and i take an all of the above approach with respect to spectrum policy. and finally, i tried to think of different ways that the fcc could remove bieriers
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)